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Helping people & teams analyze, visualize & share quant and qual insights from:

We help you analyze any kind of survey:

  1. Polls / Public Opinion Surveys
  2. Staff surveys
  3. Customer surveys
  4. Market research surveys

We deal with opinion scales, multi-select answers, and free text data - all without any manual data cleansing or processing.

Content around data prep and cleaning

Suspiciously fast

Built from the ground-up to be seriously fast.
No more loading spinners or crashing spreadsheets.

Don't believe us? Try this Afrobarometer dataset with over 20 million
data points fully loaded and summarized in 2.84 seconds

Secure by design

Your data stays on your system - no upload to the cloud.
All analysis happens in your browser.

We support cloud based chart and report sharing - but this is optional and fully within your control. Read more about our approach to security and privacy here.