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How to Create a shareable report

Most data analysis ends up in a report somewhere. It could be a presentation, an email or a document. Often times this involves copy-pasting charts from one program to another. While this can work, it has a few problems:

  • The charts aren't responsive. Reading a PDF with charts on your phone usually involves lots of zooming in and out, not a smooth experience.
  • It's difficult to get it to look nice. Face it, we've all seen plenty of charts with default excel or google sheets colors. They are not engaging and don't look professional.
  • It's hard to update. If you want to update a chart, or add a some new analysis, you need to re-do your report, re-export it, and re-share it...

AddMaple solves these problems with our shareable reports feature.

You can add as many charts as you like into a beautiful responsive report. This report can be password protected and shared with whoever you want.

AddMaple doesn't include your raw data in public reports. Only the summary data needed to power the chart in the report is included. This enables you to share reports based on sensitive data without worrying about the data being exposed.

Creating a report

Your report is automatically created as soon as you add your first chart.

You can add a chart via the context menu

Adding a chart to a shareable report

Once you've added a chart, you can view the report from the same context menu.

Editing a report in AddMaple

There is a rich text editor that allows you to add text in between your charts to tell the story behind your data.

Once you have finished editing a report you can publish it (and optionally set a password).

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Written by Ange

User Researcher and Founder of AddMaple

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