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Quickly explore your data and create amazing charts.

Blazingly Fast

Your data is loaded and analysed in seconds. Yes seconds. If in doubt, try the demo and see for yourself.

AI Powered Summaries

Use the latest large language models to summarize and retrieve insights your free text data automatically. At the click of a button get detailed insights that go far beyond sentiment analysis.

Intuitive and Clever

You don't need to be a data scientist to carry advanced data analysis. Easily pivot and filter your entire survey according to the responses of a specific survey question.


Your data stays on your device, not uploaded to the cloud.

Saves You Time

Explore, understand and get visualised analysis of your data in seconds not hours. Yes seconds. Get your data wrapped in charts good-looking enough to tell your story.


No cookies. AddMaple is sweet enough. We don't do tracking. No ads. No third-party scripts. Download and run on your own computer.

Bar Chart

Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

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