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Explore some of our features relating to: data cleansing, data visualization, collaboration, and data import

    Data Cleansing & Preprocessing

    Data Type Detection

    Our system automatically detects and classifies various data types such as numbers, matrix questions, likert scales, currencies, percentages, dates, and more, simplifying your data preparation process.

    Tag Detection

    We adeptly handle tags and multi-response survey questions, recognizing different delimiters automatically.

    Number Bucketing

    We intelligently group numeric data into appropriate buckets, effectively managing large, small, and negative numeric ranges and minimizing distortion from outliers.

    Intelligent Grouping

    We intelligently group answers spread over multiple columns, enabling you to get instant complex insights without having to manually merge columns with a formula.

    Advanced Likert/Opinion Scale Detection

    Our system features advanced detection of Likert and opinion scales, including automatic recognition of negative and positive words enabling instant creating of easy to read Likert charts.

    Multiple Header Row Handling

    We adeptly handle datasets with multiple header rows (or with empty rows). No need to preprocess your data, simply load it in AddMaple.

    Comprehensive SAV File Encoding Support

    Our software handles all sorts of file encodings in SAV files, including mixed encoding issues.

    Common Phrase Extraction for Grouped Titles

    If multiple questions share a common phrase, we extract it to a grouped title for clearer, more organized data presentation.

    Intelligent Sorting of Text with Numeric Elements

    We smartly sort text answers containing numeric elements, like age ranges, according to the numeric value. No more manual sorting.

    Interactive Data Visualization

    AI-Powered Summaries

    AddMaple can be your Data Analysis Copilot. We use the latest large language models to summarize and retrieve insights from your free text data automatically. At the click of a button get detailed insights that go far beyond sentiment analysis.

    Intuitive and Clever

    You don't need to be a data scientist to carry advanced data analysis. Easily pivot and filter your entire survey according to the responses of a specific survey question.

    Saves You Time

    Explore, understand and get visualised analysis of your data in seconds not hours. Yes seconds. Get your data wrapped in charts good-looking enough to tell your story.

    Instant Graph Summaries

    We generate immediate graph summaries of your data, providing a visual overview of each column as soon as the data is loaded.

    Interactive Graphs with Filters and Pivots

    We create interactive graphs where you can easily add filters, pivot data, and edit column titles/types, enhancing your data exploration experience.

    Row By Row View

    Stop scrolling along a spreadsheet, with our row by row view you can see a single row at a glance - including charts for each column showing the relationship of each data point to the overall data for the column.

    Interactive Table View

    You can still view your data in a table, but with AddMaple you choose which columns you want to see, rather than being overwhelmed by 100s of columns being displayed at once. Tables are interactive and filters can be added by clicking on data items.

    Direct Filtering from Chart Bars

    Click on chart bars to filter all your data, adding multiple filters to see your data summarized in a new, exploratory chart dashboard.

    Interactive Word Clouds from Key Words

    We transform free text into key words to create interactive word clouds. By clicking on a word, you can filter it, instantly zooming into the associated words.

    Multi-Pivot Charts

    Our platform allows for multi-dimensional pivoting, enabling you to pivot by one, two, or three columns and generate interactive, shareable charts for complex data analysis.

    Intuitive Likert Charts

    We offer easy-to-understand Likert charts with alignment on the neutral option and straightforward re-ordering. These charts are surprisingly versatile and useful for visualizing all sorts of ranked data.

    Automated Statistical Tests

    AddMaple automatically runs the best statistical test for any column you are exploring. We surface the related columns ordered by significance. AddMaple currently supports Chi-Square, ANOVA, T-Test, Spearman's Correlation and Pearson's Correlation. Read more about the statistical tests we perform and how they work in AddMaple here.

    Collaboration & Sharing

    Create Interactive Sharable Charts

    Find a chart you want to share? With a few clicks get a shareable link that you can add to your Notion page, share on Slack or email to your colleagues.

    Publish Reports

    AddMaple has a built-in report writer. Add charts, write your commentary, publish and share with the world. You can also password protect your report if required.

    Make Your Reports Explorable

    When publishing a report you can choose to make some of the columns from your dataset explorable. This feature allows those reading your report to dive into the data themselves with AddMaple's interactive charts.

    Data Import & Integration

    Blazingly Fast

    Your data is loaded and analyzed in seconds. Yes seconds. If in doubt, try the demo and see for yourself.


    Your data stays on your device, not uploaded to the cloud.


    No cookies. AddMaple is sweet enough. We don't do tracking. No ads. No third-party scripts. Download and run on your own computer.

    Large File Handling

    Optimized for processing large files, including those of several hundred megabytes, ensuring stable, fast loading and analysis without performance issues.

    Typeform Integration

    Seamlessly import data from Typeform surveys and forms, enabling efficient analysis of survey responses and user feedback.

    Survey Monkey Integration

    Direct import of data from Survey Monkey, streamlining the process of analyzing survey results for deeper insights.

    Google Drive Integration

    Install AddMaple to your Google Drive and unlock the insights hidden in your data.

    CSV Support

    Robust support for importing data from CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files, a widely used format for storing tabular data.

    XLSX Support

    Direct import of data from XLSX files, the default file format for Microsoft Excel and sometimes the default export from some cloud platforms.

    SAV/SPSS Support

    Import data from SAV files used by SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) - no need to install any software just load your file into AddMaple and start exploring.

    JSON Support

    Import and export JSON files directly into AddMaple. This enables AddMaple to easily be used as part of internal company workflows.

    Bar Chart

    Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

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