Add Maple

AddMaple vs SPSS

AddMaple is an easy to use browser based alternative to SPSS

Looking for an easy to use alternative to SPSS? Try AddMaple. It reads raw data files and gives you pivoted graph summaries of all your data in seconds, without requiring you to format the files. It is free for you to get started and unlike SPSS, it works on Mac and Linux.

SPSS is the heavyweight of the data analysis industry and it has been around since 1968! It is very powerful, but also very clunky to learn, use and set up.

AddMaple doesn’t claim to offer all of the functionality of SPSS, but it faster and more intuitive to use. You don’t need to upload your data, it remains on your device. Let it read your large datasets and perform powerful analysis to find hidden trends and correlations.

Let’s look at a few key features and compare SPSS and AddMaple

Data Import

SPSS - Supports import of csv, xslx and sav files.

AddMaple - Supports import of csv, xslx and sav files. In addition supports additional file formats and integration to cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Typeform and Survey Monkey.

Large File Support

Both SPSS and AddMaple support large files that traditional spreadsheets struggle to open.

Automatically Cleans Data

SPSS - No, SPSS requires complex configuration just to import a file and is very strict with its imports.

AddMaple - Yes, AddMaple automatically detects and cleans data. It can handle header rows in a set of data, a variety of CSV encodings including quoted and unquoted values, spaces in headings, etc.

Statistical Analysis

SPSS - Yes, numerous analysis techniques are supported, from t-tests to regression analysis

AddMaple - AddMaple provides you with the everyday analysis capabilities you need for most data types. It doesn’t support as many statistical features as SPSS, but it more than makes up for that with its easy to use interface which allows visual exploration of large datasets quickly and easily. With AddMaple you can see correlations at a glance.

Graphs and Charts

SPSS allows you to create a wide range of graphs and charts to visualize your data, including bar charts, scatterplots, and line graphs.

AddMaple supports bar charts, stacked bar charts, time based charts, word clouds and likert charts. More chart types are being added regularly.

Custom Reports

SPSS - Yes, but need to be exported in order to be shared

AddMaple - Yes, and reports can be published, password protected and shared via the Internet.

Shareable Charts

SPSS - No, charts can't be shared via a url or embed link

AddMaple - Yes, AddMaple allows you to quickly and easily share charts either via a url or an embed code. Shared charts can be embedded in Notion pages, websites or used on Social Media.

Advanced Filters

SPSS - Yes, but it is a fairly clunky interface

AddMaple - Yes, easy to use modern interface with support for and and or filters. Filters can be interactively added directly from a chart.

Pivot Tables (Crosstabs)

SPSS - Yes, but a large number of steps required

AddMaple - Yes, these can be created and visualised with a single click

Text Analysis

SPSS - Yes, including NLP, but requires complex setup

AddMaple - Yes, instant ngrams visualised in an interactive word cloud

Predictive Modelling

SPSS - Yes, comprehensive modelling features are included

AddMaple - No, but AddMaple can be used by data scientists to better understand and explore their data before using a tool designed for building and managing predictive models.

Device Support

SPSS - Windows only

AddMaple - Runs on Mac, Linux, ChromeOs, Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows - any device that runs a modern browser.