Add Maple

Towards Net Zero

We are very aware of the need to transition to Net Zero. Rather than simple green-washing, we have built our software with energy efficiency at its heart. 

Serverless Architecture: Our serverless architecture is a key component in reducing energy consumption. Traditional server-based infrastructures often lead to excess capacity, consuming energy even when idle. At AddMaple, we avoid this inefficiency. Our serverless setup means we only use energy when our services are actively being utilized, significantly cutting down on unnecessary power usage.

Local-First Data Analysis: By prioritizing local data processing, we significantly reduce network traffic and the need for continuous data loading and querying on remote servers. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also curtails energy consumption typical in data center operations. Our optimization for speed and in-memory analysis minimizes CPU load on your computer, further reducing our electricity usage and carbon footprint. The “cloud” has enabled a large number of digital services, however often times the scalability of cloud solutions results in companies prioritizing features over efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Cloud Operations: For the small portion of our operations that rely on cloud computing, we ensure they occur in data centers powered entirely by renewable energy. This commitment helps us maintain a low carbon footprint, even as we leverage the cloud for essential processes.

In addition to these strategies, we are constantly exploring ways to integrate more eco-friendly practices into our business model. This includes:

Sustainable Development Practices: We adhere to coding and development methodologies that emphasize efficiency and minimal resource usage.

Green Partnerships: We actively seek collaborations with other organizations that prioritize sustainability, ensuring that our broader ecosystem aligns with our values.

Employee Education and Engagement: We encourage our team members to adopt sustainable practices in their work and personal lives.

At AddMaple, we believe that being environmentally responsible should not compromise performance or quality - we believe that with enough focus, investment and thoughtfulness we can together achieve a zero-carbon future.