Add Maple

About Us

Welcome to AddMaple - where data meets speed, intuitive UI, programming automation and AI! We're a small, distributed and very dedicated team, united by our passion for making data analysis accessible. AddMaple allows anyone with a dataset and a curious mind to get answers from their data, FAST!

Our Journey

Ange, our founder got frustrated by the tooling available to user researchers and product owners. So many insights seemed to be left unexplored in clunky spreadsheets and untouched datasets because the data was either hard to access, contained within a live wire spreadsheet that could be overwritten (we all know this feeling) or at the mercy of the data team’s existing workload. And after successfully getting access, analyzing it and producing charts, those said charts often looked so bland, so bulk standard, one might be tempted to assume (wrongly) that little effort went into their creation. Why couldn't charts “look as good as the insights they contained?” became part of our quest. The vision for AddMaple was set - democratize data analysis and do away with bland chart presets! Make sharing a chart with a colleague so rewarding it becomes addictive. Our intentionally bootstrapped and independent approach means we can build and prioritize what is best for our existing users, without compromise. 

Our values

At AddMaple, our aim is to keep things simple. No buzzwords, no corporate jargon - just a genuine, down-to-earth approach to solving real problems. In two words? Authentic and often cheesy, we apologize in advance for the latter. 


Our small size is our superpower. It allows us to move quickly, adapt to changes, and maintain a close-knit relationship with our users. We can’t say we have all the answers but we can share one "strategy" that works for us. When an existing backlog becomes bulky and unwieldy, we move it over to an archived-for-later-reference backlog, acknowledge that we can always find the golden nuggets we left behind if we need it, breathe a sigh of relief, and start afresh with a new nimble prioritized backlog of validated most important and urgent development work. 


AddMaple is designed to be your first-insight data tool, whether you're a seasoned data scientist or a curious dataset holder. We kickstart your data exploration with chart summaries which tell you what is inside each column already. It’s completely different to the standard approach involving formatting, preparation, endless rows and columns, formula and code - reserved for selected columns because we know most people can’t summarize each column before starting their analysis. We can't wait to see what you'll discover with AddMaple.