Add Maple

Security & Privacy

How we protect and secure your data

At AddMaple, we take the security of your data extremely seriously. Here is an overview of our approach, but we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns your team may have.

  • Confidentiality: Your data remains on your local browser and is not uploaded to the cloud.
  • Optional AI: If you choose, we make available AI features that use OpenAI. These feature are opt-in and you choose exactly what data gets shared with OpenAI, for example if you want a text column summarized then just the data from that column will be sent to OpenAI. We have a commercial contract with OpenAI which ensures that your data is not saved by them or used for training any models.
  • Integrity: AddMaple operates in a read-only mode to preserve the raw data integrity. Any changes, like column title modifications, are stored separately.
  • Encryption: We use TLS 1.2 with modern ciphers. Any metadata stored in the cloud is encrypted at rest.
  • Security Measures: We conduct automated vulnerability checks and regular penetration testing, along with other standard security mitigations.
  • Data Protection: AddMaple is fully compliant with GDPR and is registered with the ICO (Reg No. ZB563233).
  • Information Security: Our internal processes follow the best practices from ISO27001.
  • Authentication:  We support Google SSO for all accounts, and other SSO providers for business accounts. 
  • Access Control: For business accounts we support admin and analyst accounts to simplify and provide control over datasets centrally.
  • Performance and Scalability: AddMaple is optimized for speed, handling millions of rows and hundreds of megabytes efficiently in-browser, outperforming traditional spreadsheets and BI tools. Our serverless platform facilitates zero downtime deployments, targeting 99.99% uptime.
  • Support and Maintenance: Business customers enjoy premium support with fast email responses, video calls, and assistance with specific datasets.
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Backup: Cloud-stored metadata is replicated to another region for disaster recovery. Our system is resilient to failures and can be ported to an alternative cloud platform if needed.