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Instant chart dashboards from your raw data that you can segment, pivot & share without
formula, code or setup.

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“I've been using AddMaple since this June to help the ReOps community analyze a survey to improve the experience of members. AddMaple has been a game changer to help my team members read insights quickly and democratize survey analysis without the hassle of using R to code. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful tool.”

Elham Ali, MPH, PMP
ResearchOps Community
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“AddMaple came at a great time when I was gearing up to spend hours in spreadsheets and pivot tables. AddMaple simplifies my survey analysis process by giving me easy ways to analyze and pivot my responses. When I'm looking for interesting insights and cuts in the data, the first place I check for initial leads is AddMaple.”

Taylor Palmer
Taylor Palmer
Co-creator of UX Tools
Greenpeace InternationalStanford UniversityBerkeleyCornell UniversityHarvardUniversity of Texas at Austin

Live demo of AddMaple from Informed Insights

“AddMaple creates instant chart dashboards that let you analyze your survey data visually and is one of the best ways I’ve found to conduct AI-powered thematic analysis of open-ended results.”

Andrea Knight Dolan from Informed Insights
UX Research + AI Consultant, Ex-Google

Analyze your data visually

Transform large unwieldy survey, customer support, sales, web/app analytics datasets into an explorable chart dashboard in seconds.

We use engineering, automation and AI to democratize data analysis.

Zero time to insights

AddMaple pivots and calculates statistical significance for each column automatically giving you chart summaries in an explorable dashboard. Don’t wait for the data team to get answers. 

AI Thematic Analysis

Work with an AI Copilot to quickly and accurately code free text data and assign codes in bulk.

With your data coded, you can segment, pivot and explore for seamless qual and quant analysis.

Likert Scale Charts

No code, no effort. See all opinion questions within one series grouped together for easy analysis as a whole or by segment

Discover the relationships in your data

Our Insights Compass uses a powerful stats engine to automatically find related columns for you to explore. With a click, you can pivot, segment, cross-tabulate and get statistical insights between columns and individual categories without code 😉

Filter all data directly from a chart bar

See something interesting in a chart? Click on the bar to filter all your data.

Add multiple filters and watch as AddMaple summarizes your data in a new chart dashboard you can explore.

Skip the spreadsheet

Get the median, mean, totals and standard deviation from raw data without the clunky formulas of Excel or Google Sheets. Dive deeper with ANOVA, Chi-Square and T-Tests to see the statistical significance instantly.

No painful set-up required

We automatically detect numbers, currencies, categories, dates and likert scales - no need to pre-prepare, format, label or clean your data.

Numeric data is automatically grouped into bins for you and we calculate Pearson or Spearman correlation coefficient when comparing numeric columns.

Import data from pretty much anywhere

Import your data from Typeform, Survey Monkey, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, SPSS or any CSV. AddMaple is the quickest way to analyse survey results. We handle large gigabyte size datasets with millions of records.

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We really don't want your data

AddMaple runs on your system and this makes it much faster than cloud based software (you know who we are thinking of). You never upload your data, it stays with you.

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Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

AddMaple to your data

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