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The no code way to
turn your data
into charts, pivots & reports

Understand your data

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We analyze your raw data

Transform large unwieldy spreadsheets into explorable charts in seconds.

No configuration or formulas needed.

Discover the relationships in your data

Forget the old way. Our data analysis tool lets you pivot, swap columns, filter and cross-tabulate without asking google how to VLOOKUP or COUNTIF 😉

Filter all data directly from a chart bar

See something interesting in a chart? Click on the bar to filter all your data.

Add multiple filters and watch as AddMaple summarizes your data in a new chart dashboard you can explore.

Skip the spreadsheet

Get the median, mean, totals and standard deviation from raw data without the clunky formulas of Excel or Google Sheets.

No painful set-up required

We automatically detect numbers, currencies, categories, dates and likert scales - no need to pre-prepare, format, label or clean your data.

Numeric data is automatically grouped into bins for you.

Import data from pretty much anywhere

Import your data from Typeform, Survey Monkey, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, SPSS or any CSV. AddMaple is the quickest way to analyse survey results.

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We really don't want your data

AddMaple runs on your system and this makes it much faster than cloud based software (you know who we are thinking of). You never upload your data, it stays with you.

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Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

AddMaple to your data

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