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AddMaple vs Tableau

Introducing AddMaple as A User-Friendly Alternative to Tableau

Tableau is a leading provider of data analysis and data visualization solutions. However, it can be slow, is costly for teams, takes a lot of time to understand, is lacking when it comes to automation,  difficult to configure and not always easy to use. AddMaple doesn’t replace all of Tableau’s functionality, however for most general purpose use cases it does. 

AddMaple is an alternative to Tableau for the following functions: 

  1. Exploring, analyzing and visualizing  large datafiles of up to a million rows. 
  2. Decision-making with data you can access now to answer questions you have today - rather than wait weeks for the dashboards to be updated.
  3. Publishing  explorable dashboards with an option for password or passphrase-protection viewers can interactively explore. 
  4. Sharing interactive charts with the ability for viewers to toggle between count/percentage/chart/table and more 
  5. Viewing the data by specific segments and filters. With AddMaple any parameter is instantly filterable. Filter by any data component whether that be demographic data, question responses and more. 
  6. Authentication supported for enterprises 

With AddMaple you get all of the above WITHOUT  the need for data cleaning, complex configuration that often takes months to get your organization started and frustrating pricing models.

The key areas where AddMaple excels over Tableau are:


AddMaple stands out for its speed when compared to Tableau, making exploratory data analysis (EDA) both rapid and enjoyable. With its capacity to quickly load and analyze large datasets in seconds, AddMaple removes the often time-consuming and tedious aspects of data processing. This efficiency transforms EDA into a more dynamic and interactive experience, allowing users to pivot, filter, and visualize data almost instantaneously and in a myriad of ways. The result is a seamless and engaging process where insights and patterns can be identified swiftly, making data exploration not just faster, but also more accessible and enjoyable for users of all skill levels.


Save months of integration time. With AddMaple we aim to get you from data files to insights within seconds for both small and large datasets.We have a highly optimized data engine built from the group up for pivoting and filtering at speed. You can dive directly into data analysis without the need for preliminary steps such as defining data types or configuring data structures that are often required with Tableau. As a result, AddMaple enables a more straightforward and immediate start to data exploration. With AddMaple there is no need to get a data scientist to set up a dashboard for you. 

Effective data-led decision-making 

We like a dashboard just like everyone else. But we offer an alternative approach when strategic questions arise that you need to answer in a timely fashion. Markets change, insights emergeUnlike Tableau that relies on data teams to update the dashboard in order to answer executive’s questions, which could take weeks and offer answers often when the question is no longer relevant, AddMaple doesn’t rely solely on dashboards. 

User Experience

In AddMaple, we focus on delivering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for data analysis. Our design enables users to interact directly with their data: a simple click on a data point applies filters across the entire dataset, streamlining the exploration process. This user-centric approach makes data analysis more accessible, particularly for those who might find more complex tools challenging. While AddMaple may not offer the extensive range of features found in Tableau, it provides the crucial functionalities necessary for comprehensive data analysis, all within an easy-to-use interface that emphasizes user interaction and straightforward operation.

Dashboards Reimagined

Our published dashboards offer lightning-speed interaction over the slower loading times of Tableau. Readers can segment, filter and pivot the data behind a written report and more. Plus our explorable reports don’t charge for view-only functionality for team members. You could publish an unlisted  dashboard within minutes of receiving a data file  across your organization protected by a password or passphrase and get your colleagues to interact with the data themselves. 


For just $30 a month with AddMaple you can analyze unlimited datasets and share charts and reports with anyone. Tableau currently costs $75 a month for an account that can load data, and $42 for an account to explore loaded data. Tableau requires an annual subscription, whereas with AddMaple you can pay monthly and cancel at any time.

AddMaple has a comprehensive set of features(link) - if you are looking for a user-friendly alternative to Tableau then give us a try.

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