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What is AddMaple and how does it use AI?

AddMaple is a comprehensive data analysis tool that automatically cleanses and visualizes your data in seconds. As well as an intuitive, visual-first approach to exploring data, AddMaple provides access to powerful, time-saving AI features.

When you select a file, it stays on your system - nothing is uploaded to the cloud. You can choose which columns or charts to get AI assistance with. We take data privacy seriously and you remain in full control of your data.

AddMaple AI Features

AI Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis with AI

1. Generate codes with AI. You can select how many codes and AddMaple will generate codes (tags) for your dataset.

2. Edit the generated codes, or add your own.

3. Once your codes are ready you can start applying them with the click of a button. Work that would normally take hours or even days, takes seconds with the help of advanced large language models.

Now you can segment and pivot to further explore your dataset.

AI Chart Explanation

AI Powered Chart Explanation

AddMaple is a visual-first tool, full of charts. Sometimes a text summary of visual data can complement and aid understanding. Large language models are great for this - they are able to interpret numerical data AND understand the semantic meaning behind your labels.

With AddMaple getting an AI powered chart explanation is as simple as clicking a button whenever you view a chart. Within seconds you will have a useful text summary. This process is much quicker in AddMaple compared to using a general purpose chatbot.

AI Text Summaries

AI Summaries

If your dataset contains a large amount of free text, then AI powered summarization is very powerful. Whether it's open-ended survey questions or customer reviews, AddMaple can create comprehensive summaries in seconds.

We support large datasets - beyond what can be put into a chatbot and provide you with comprehensive summaries of your data.

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Use Cases

AI-Driven Sentiment Insights

Use our thematic analysis co-pilot to evaluate the tone and emotions in textual data, such as customer feedback or survey responses. It accurately identifies and categorizes sentiments, helping you understand the underlying opinions and feelings of your audience, leading to more informed decision-making.

Text Analysis Automation

Automate the analysis of textual data with our auto-summarization and thematic analysis features. We efficiently process large volumes of text, extracting relevant information, identifying key themes, and summarizing content. This automation saves time and provides consistent, objective insights from textual data.

Intelligent Data Interpretation

Our platform uses AI to interpret complex data sets, identifying patterns, trends, and anomalies that might not be immediately evident. This intelligent interpretation helps in transforming data into actionable insights, making it easier for teams to understand and use the information effectively.

Enhanced Analytics Precision

Improve the accuracy of your analytics with our AI-enhanced tools. By refining data processing and focusing on relevant metrics, our platform ensures that the insights you gain are precise and reliable, supporting better business decisions.

Qualitative Insight with AI

Our AI capabilities extend to qualitative data, turning subjective feedback and responses into quantifiable insights. This allows for a deeper understanding of textual data, providing a comprehensive view that combines the depth of qualitative analysis with the clarity of quantitative data.

AI in Business Intelligence

Incorporate AI into your business intelligence processes to gain deeper insights. Our AI-driven analytics help you extract actionable insights from your internal company data.