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AddMaple uses OpenAI to power some of it's AI features. These features are entirely optional and before using them we will ask for your explicit consent to send data to OpenAI (you can remove this consent from your profile page)

If you do decide to use these features then please note that we are using OpenAI's API which has two distinct differences from the consumer ChatGPT:

  1. Your data is not stored by OpenAI. Any data you choose to analyse with AI will be sent to OpenAI, but will not be stored by them. Neither is the data stored by AddMaple. Your data remains on your system.
  2. Your data is not used for training new OpenAI models. While by default conversations that you have using ChatGPT can be used for training purposes, this is not true for data sent under the commercial license that we have with OpenAI.

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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Written by Ange

User Researcher and Founder of AddMaple

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