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How To Make your data explorable

AddMaple is primarily a tool to allow you to analyse and explore your data. However you can also create reports that showcase specific charts and share them instantly.

We now allow you to make your data explorable by anyone who has access to your report. The data may be from a file on your computer, or from your typeform account - but once you make it explorable an optimised version of your data will be uploaded to your AddMaple account.

You can choose which columns you would like to let users explore - this allows you to keep sensitive data private but easily allow non-personal data to be shared.

Here is a step by step guide to making your data explorable:

1. Import your data source

2. Add a chart to your report

3. Edit the report settings

4. Choose which columns to make "explorable"

5. Publish the report


Once you've published, anyone who can view your report can explore the underlying data using AddMaple's intuitive tools.

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Written by Ange

User Researcher and Founder of AddMaple

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