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AddMaple creates instant chart dashboards that let you analyze your survey data visually and is one of the best ways I've found to conduct AI-powered thematic analysis of open-ended results.

Andrea Knight Dolan

UX Research + AI Consultant, Ex-Google

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It took less than 21 seconds to summarize over 830k Glassdoor reviews using Gen AI and Automation

The only tool that supports both quant and qual analysis with AI and a stats engine built in

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Save days, weeks even months of time by having your data auto-cleaned, summarized and visualized in an EXPLORABLE dashboard

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Save a lot of Time

  • AI powered thematic analysis & summarization
  • Automatic data prep, cleaning & dashboard creation
  • Always-on stats engine that highlights related columns
  • AI-powered chart interpretation
  • Summarize complex datasets e.g. 606 columns/ 90k rows in less than 7 seconds*

When we started working with AddMaple, we were really struggling with analyzing survey data.

We’d been using Tableau, Google, but none of these tools have been able to analyze the data so quickly. Sometimes you would wait an hour for it to load and then the system crashes.

AddMaple has enabled us to quickly and thoroughly analyze survey data of any form. And because it runs locally, we can analyze sensitive data without uploads.

They are quite a small team but I’m always impressed by the number of changes they implement, which seems to be much faster than larger companies

S. L.

Research Manager - Greenpeace

S. L.

Watch a demonstration of AddMaple's AI in action below

Generative AI for Thematic Analysis of Free Text data with AddMaple

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I started using AddMaple because my team collects continuous open-ended survey data that is tough to manage. AddMaple's AI-assisted coding is unique, giving me the control I want when tagging survey comments as opposed to simply a narrative output. Their recently released stats features are helping me get a first look into potential relationships between variables and serve as a nice jumping off point to dig in further.

Josh R.

UX Research at a Non Profit

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