Add Maple


Connect your Typeform account to AddMaple and get instant explorable data dashboards. No need to export and re-import your data, simply connect and let your Typeform data flow through into AddMaple.

If you are signed in to both AddMaple and Typeform, then the flow of connecting is very simple.

1. Go to the new project page and select "Load From Typeform"

new project page

2. You will be taken to Typeform and asked to confirm that you want to allow AddMaple to read your Typeform responses

Typeform consent page

3. After clicking "Accept", you will be taken back to AddMaple where you will be able to choose which Typeform project you want to explore

Typeform - AddMaple - choose project

Thats all. You can now explore your data directly in AddMaple.


You can connect a Typeform that is still receiving data to AddMaple. Each time you load the project in AddMaple we will pull through the latest data from Typeform for you to explore.

Currently shared charts will not live update with the new data. You will need to re-share a chart if you want it to include your latest data.

Bar Chart

Other Integrations

  • Notion


    Embed interactive charts from AddMaple directly in Notion. Share insights and charts with your team in your Notion workspace.

  • Airtable logo


    Connect your Airtable account to AddMaple and get ready to deep dive into your bases and tables. Create interactive charts and explorable reports without having to export your data.

    Coming Soon

  • Survey Monkey Logo

    Survey Monkey

    Connect your Survey Monkey account to AddMaple and get rich analysis of all your surveys. No need to export the data, simply connect and start exploring.

Bar Chart