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Today we'll be exploring raw survey data from

Visit this link and let's get started:

This usability study was made possible thanks to Holly and our Re+Ops Community!

We'd just like to celebrate the enormity of the Re+Ops community today, made possible thanks to our community manager Holly 🎉! Thank you for growing the community full-time and for helping our members learn, grow, and succeed in their careers. Thank you for helping the wider Re+Ops community too and enabling organisations and startups like ours to work together.

Shout out to our friends at

Every year Jordan and Taylor from freely share their findings. They compile regular newsletters containing helpful tips and resources too! This year their survey was completed by over 4000 people. When the usability test is over, we will email you with a link to their 2022 survey report where you can also download their raw data. You'd be able to analyze it in AddMaple of course!