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January 2023 Updates

What's New?

  1. Keyboard shortcuts: You can now type the / key for menu options much like you can do in Notion. More shortcuts are coming soon!
  2. The sentence bar is improved to make it clearer to distinguish between adding a new filter and adding a new pivot.
  3. We now support OR filters. See the video below for a brief tutorial. Select the column containing the filters you want to apply, use the checkbox to select the filters and select "done" when you're, ahem, done :).
  4. After you re-arrange the order of the legend of a pivot you can now re-arrange the graph colours. See a screen shot below.
  5. We have improved how AddMaple integrates with Slack. When you rename a graph and share it on Slack, the title now reflects as your graph title and not the query.
  6. We have improved how AddMaple integrates with Notion to better facilitate team collaboration. You can share a graph in Notion by typing / and selecting "Share", copy/paste the graph URL into Notion and select the "embed" option. From there you can re-order and resize graphs using Notion's interaction.
    See the image below for more details

A brief video showing you a few product updates as of the 19th of Jan

Video placeholder

How the new "Or" filters work

Video placeholder

Your pivoted graph might not be in the order you'd like. Use the up/down arrows to re-order the legend and when you're done, AddMaple now allows you to re-order the colors in a click. Simply click on "Re-order colors" and AddMaple will re-arrange the graph colours for you so that the color order from left to right makes sense.

This is a graph pivot showing Job Titles in Tech, by the years of experience of those tech workers. This is part of a product update showing our users how to re-order the legend and colors of the pivoted graph.

Coming in a few days: Likert Scale Graphs.
We now support the ability to combine questions to create useful Likert Scale graphs. In this example, survey respondents were offered 8 product name ideas which they were asked to rank according to how they felt each idea fit into a given concept. Opinion scale questions like this are now able to be grouped into Likert Scales. At the moment we are finalising this feature and it will be ready in a few days.

An example Likert Scale Graph showing how respondents rated Product Ideas according to a scale form 1 - 5 depending on how well each idea fit into a concept put to the survey respondents.