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Welcome all ROC 2023 Attendees 🫢🏻

We had a blast, we have a mascot, new insights and of course complimentary get-started demos

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The ROC23 Mascot Reveal

The mascot is the result of our collective polling results conducted during the conference. Attendees were asked to reveal what clothing type and color they were wearing (there were 30 attendees in a space suit), their hair color and length and their job roles.

Explore the data and read the ROC23 Mascot Report :)

The Research Operations Mascot based on live poll results sent out to attendees

New Insights Reveal

We use a prioritization system for rating areas to optimize within our small startup. We don't want to optimize a system if it isn't related to something important, and the reverse is also true. We want to make sure that we run a tight ship in the areas of high importance and as such we want to easily identify areas of inefficiency impacting on high value areas. Where can we find time-suck, frustration, annoyance creeping into high value functions. You get the picture. So in light of this we wanted to use something similar for the ROC23 poll data to see if we spotted anything interesting.

We merged the results from the questions about the Importance of Research Operations functions BY the Efficiency of the systems in place for those functions. Then we plotted the results on the quadrant below. The Likert graphs for each question are below.

  • The top left quadrant reveals ReOps functions that were rated as Most Important with Most Efficient systems to support those functions.
  • The top-right quadrant reveals ReOps functions that were rated as Most Important with the Least Efficient systems in place to support these within respondents' organizations.
  • The bottom left and right contained no entries, but are areas of least importance.

The chart below reveals that the 4 most inefficient areas as revealed by participants to be, "Planning and maintaining a strategic research roadmap", "Recruiting internally to grow the research operations function", "Implementing new tech, incl. vendor management and procurement", with "Measuring and tracking the impact of research" coming in last place.

We are on a mission to save you days of time, not mere hours. You have many tools in your tool kit but honestly, AddMaple is different, and worth your time.

AddMaple for Strategic Research Operations

Time to insights: From unprocessed data file to pivot tables and charts of all your columns - around 1 or 2 seconds.

Our promise: AddMaple is the fastest, simplest-to-learn-AND-implement, efficient data analysis tool out there. It uses clever programming genius, automation and AI to handle your data preparation, summarization and visualization, giving you the shortest possible time to insights. All on your system using browser power - without data uploads.

✨ Data exploration of any data export file - track key metrics like never before

βœ… Customer Support Data: Identify products/features with the most inquiries or complaints.

βœ… Product Analytics Data: Identify valuable features that are underutilized by key user segments.

βœ… Segmentation Analysis: One tool to segment multiple data sources for more complete analysis

βœ… User Feedback Analysis: Analyze user feedback from various channels

βœ… Verbatim data: Get key insights from unstructured data and segment quantitively

✨ Automated data visualization at lightning speeds

βœ… Using the latest tech, we pivot and visualize ALL your columns in seconds.

✨ Go from raw data to insights and WISDOM you can't wait to share

βœ… Segment and cross-tabulate in a tool that is lightning-fast

βœ… Distill your verbatim data to get beyond what was said to meaning

βœ… Share insightful and interactive graphs on Slack or socials

βœ… Write reports and publish faster than you or anyone thought possible

✨ Publish explorable columns as part of your report

βœ… Empower your audience with explorable data in your report

βœ… Keep your research in ongoing conversations rather than filed away and forgotten

✨ How many columns and rows?

βœ… Live on datasets containing over 1,500 columns and a million rows!

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Ange and the AddMaple team

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We give Demo participants a complimentary month on AddMaple as standard. That's how we roll. Our demo's are interactive and collaborative, invite your dog, your mom and your co-worker?

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