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How to Analyze SAV or SPSS files

SPSS Statistics is software from IBM that was first released in 1968! It is still commonly used for performing statistical analysis of large datasets, for example survey data.

AddMaple is one of the few cloud based software tools that can read SPSS (or SAV) data files. They have an unusual format and can't be opened by standard spreadsheets.

To open an SPSS or SAV file, simply go to the "New Project" page and select the file from your computer. AddMaple will open and instantly analyse your data.

Note that this type of file needs to be converted on our servers, this process happens transparently and we don't store the data.

Pew Research publish their datasets in this format. With AddMaple you can explore the raw data quickly and easily.

Pew Research Datasets
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Written by Ange

User Researcher and Founder of AddMaple

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