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Our integration with Google Drive allows you to open files on your drive directly in AddMaple. Keep your data in Drive but explore in AddMaple.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Go to the AddMaple new project page
  2. Select "Load from Google Drive"
  3. You will be taken to Google Drive and asked if you consent to "install" AddMaple to your Google Drive
  4. Once you consent, you will be taken back to AddMaple to complete the process.
  5. AddMaple is now installed in your Google Drive - you can open any CSV, XLSX, SAV file or Google Sheet in AddMaple directly from your Google Drive like this:
Google Drive AddMaple

Security and Privacy

We know that you have a lot of important information on your Google Drive. For this reason our integration does not require you to grant full access to your Google Drive. You remain in full control and only files that you explicitly choose to "Open with AddMaple" can be accessed via AddMaple. Furthermore that data is never stored on AddMaple's servers and is dynamically pulled in when you open the relevant project in AddMaple.

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Other Integrations

  • Slack logo


    Share AddMaple charts on Slack and get an instant live preview of the chart. Our integration with Slack makes it delightfully easy to collaborate and share insights with your team.

  • Typeform logo


    Connect your Typeform account to AddMaple and get instant explorable data dashboards. No need to export and re-import your data, simply connect and let your Typeform data flow through into AddMaple.

  • Survey Monkey Logo

    Survey Monkey

    Connect your Survey Monkey account to AddMaple and get rich analysis of all your surveys. No need to export the data, simply connect and start exploring.

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