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Online CSV Opener

AddMaple provides a streamlined, user-friendly platform for opening and analyzing CSV files directly within your web browser, eliminating the need for downloading and installing additional software. We support large CSV files, up to 1GB, without the common issues of system crashes or performance lags often encountered with traditional spreadsheet applications.

We are committed to privacy and security. Unlike other online tools that may require uploading your files to a remote server, AddMaple processes all data locally on your device. This approach minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures that your sensitive information remains private, offering a secure alternative to cloud-based vulnerabilities.

Open, View and Explore CSV Files from your browser

Use AddMaple to turn your raw data spreadsheets into summarized pivot tables or pivot charts

Save hours!

No more file cleaning, formatting and preparation - we handle that for you. No need for complicated spreadsheet functions. We turn every column into a pivot table or chart and begin your data exploration with clarity.

AI Powered Chart Interpretation, Text Summaries & Thematic Coding

AI Powered Data Exploration

Save hours with AI. Spend less time cleaning and preparing data and more time analyzing and gleaning insights. Get a visualized dashboard to kickstart your data exploration. Use AI to summarize and code free text data and to interpret graphs in everyday language.

Automated pivot charts and cross tabs

Export or Share

Are you still manually pivoting data to summarize it? Turn each column into summarized tables and charts instead. Get calculated data tables for multiple columns in seconds that you can share as a table or a chart. 

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Visualize your CSV online

Take your unwieldy CSV file and turn it into explorable charts in seconds. AddMaple gives you a birds eye view of your data. You can dive into any column with a click.

Explore data in the table view, or row by row view, or via our interactive pivot charts. AddMaple is intuitive and easy to use.

Try it for free with the first 100 rows of your data, just select your file with the button at the top of this page.

Visual-First, Code-Free Exploration

AddMaple's visual-first approach allows you to start analyzing data without spreadsheet software or programming languages. With AddMaple, you can swiftly explore various columns and identify relationships in your data through interactive visualizations. Add pivots, segment or get AI-generated summaries.

How It Works

Step 1.
Select your CSV file

Step 2.
Wait for AddMaple to clean and format the file, calculate each column, turn every column into summarized graphs.

Step 3.
That's all you need to do. Scroll down to see your columns auto-calculated and summarized into pivot-charts. You can now focus on interpreting the results and sharing your insights. We also have an interactive report tool that you can use to publish your written insights and graphs. Our reports also have the ability for you to make certain columns explorable to your readers so they can explore some of the data themselves.

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