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How it works

*.json* is a common file format that is often used to share data between different systems and programs.

However sometimes it is preferable to work with CSV files as they can be read by more software, including spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Our converter works entirely in your browser, so none of your data will be sent to our servers.

What is AddMaple?

AddMaple is an online tool that turns your raw data into explorable charts. No preparation required.

  • All columns are automatically visualized, categorized and summarized
  • Numeric columns are detected, calculated and grouped into ranges
  • Automated analysis of "all that apply" multi-select questions
  • Easy to use multi-level pivot tool
  • Intuitive filters
  • Easy chart creation and sharing
  • Export to CSV
  • AI generated summaries of free text columns
  • Publish explorable reports (with password protection options)
  • Your data stays on your system, ensuring privacy and speed
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