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All board reports and investor updates have tables and charts - make yours stand out.

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Bar Chart

AddMaple for Board Reports

Those reading your reports are likely to go straight to the numbers - don't let how you present them be an after thought.

High quality professional charts

 Fully branded, good looking charts will take your board packs and investor updates to the next level

Visual Chart Design

We have a unique visual chart designer which lets you quickly try out different chart options to find the design that works best for you

Blazing Fast

Your data never leaves your computer and charts are created instantly

Easy to use

Because AddMaple is specifically designed for the purpose of creating presentation charts, it is a lot easier to use than Excel or Google Sheets.


Summarise your data without the need to create pivot tables


Branded Revenue Chart

Create charts that match your corporate branding for use in your board reports.

Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

AddMaple to your data

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