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Branded graphs without lifting a pointer (Coming soon)

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Instant branded graphs for those last minute reporting needs

Make it quick and easy for anyone in your organisation to have graphs they feel proud of

Save time and money

We love designers - really we do. But we are faster and cheaper than designers when it comes to branded graphs. Charts need to reflect who you are. We can help with that.

On brand everytime

Why let an Excel graph with its default colors rain on a brilliant presentation? We'd like to send you out into the big world with graphs that look almost as good as you.

Set and share presets

Set your branding presets up once and share them with everyone in your organisation. No seriously, that's it.

Interactive Reports

Add those handsome graphs to an interactive report your readers can't help but explore further. We even let you create a password or passphrase so you can add an additional on brand experience!

Bar Chart

Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

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