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Fast ad-hoc analysis of large files - CSV, TSV, JSON, TXT, SAS etc.

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AddMaple for analysing large files

View large data files in a tool designed for the job, rather than crashing Excel or VS Code.

Intelligent handling of large files

AddMaple loads just enough of the file to allow you to start analysis - powerful search and filters are available even on multi gigabyte files.

Blazing Fast

Your data never leaves your computer and your data is summarised instantly.

Private and Secure

Your data stays on your device - handle sensitive data with confidence.

Fast search and filters

The power of `grep` with an easy to use GUI that presents structured data in an easy to consume format

Auto chart creation

Easily generate charts to help you understand and communicate your data

Bar Chart

Life is too short to stare at spreadsheets.

AddMaple to your data

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